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I don't know who it is but this one is freaking HILARIOUS:Faux Lovie Smith ?@TampaLovieSmith  40mSeeing the @Panthers roster crumble into pieces is making me one happy NFC South head coach. Should be an easy 2 wins next season.

So, we're only going to win half as many wins as last season? That does sound kinda hilarious, excuse me, HILARIOUS.You know what we humans used to call HILARIOUS? George Carlin. Richard Pryor. Robin Williams. Now it's used for some semi anonymous internet dude. Sad times indeed.

Dude, you're a little slow...he's talking about winning both games against Carolina, not for our entire season. Sheesh some of y'all are wound up too danged tight. ::)

That changes things greatly, That actually makes it, wait for itHILARIOUS!!Ha, ha, whew, my sides are hurting now.

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