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Glennon's game against the Saints a few weeks back might have been the best game of his career. It was a good game for him, but it was not great and we still lost. That is the problem. He has had 20 games now and he has never had a single amazing game. No dominant performances where he takes over and makes you say "Wow! This kid is special!" He's never even had a three TD game. His absolute best to this point in his occasionally pretty good, and as much as some of you would like to, you can not settle for just being pretty good occasionally.

Correct, he's a classic game manager - at his very very best he could perhaps one day be Brad Johnson - which isn't a bad thing if you have that SB defense. However in 2014 you really need a playmaker on offense, someone that can get you 1 yard when the game is on the line. Glennon isn't helped by the offensive playcalling, it's predictable, simple and not modern, but at the same time he hasn't shown that he is anything special - or even very good. The kid isn't a winner and you can't put the game on his back and expect him to pull out victories, even in Pittsburgh he had the ball down at the goalline and threw an incompletion, it was only through Pitt's terrible clock management he got a second chance. I wouldn't mind Glennon as being a backup as he would be a very good to excellent 2nd string QB, but as a starter he's a below average starter and I'm not really sure how much better he will get. Obviously in a better offense, a modern offense with a better line he could put up better numbers, but that won't change the fact he's not a clutch player.

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