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Gentlemen, and gentlewomen, just settle down. Mike had a bad game today, he was inaccurate for most of the day and left a lot of yards on the field. One bad game is no more of an indictment on him than a good game. No decision is made off of one game, or at least it shouldn't be. You continue to let him play the year out like planned and make the best decision you can at that point.Typical Red board. Not even a knee jerk reaction, more like a flying front kick reaction. Just settle down and let it play out.

knee jerk? One game? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!I've been of the mindset that he should play out the season however i read something today that has cause me to rethink that. If Licht agrees with me...that Glennon sux and won't get better, he might be better served to bench him now and now allow him to kill any shot at a trade in the off-season. The more he plays, the more his value my eyes.

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