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Wait, so we shouldn't draft bad players?  Of course, we can play that game with Gregory as well what if he is the next coming of Aaron Maybin?  Now, Lovie going back to Drago says Lovie is an idiot who is mismanaging the QB spot, twice quite honestly now, so my faith that he will make the right pick is stunningly low.

You railed on Glennon non-stop while he was a starter, arguing with anyone who saw promise that there was none . The fact that you are now acting like it's a big deal he is benched is laughable.The way you saw Glennon's future , this move shouldn't bother you much at all .

I think everyone believes that McCown is worse than Glennon... regardless on their opinions of Glennon.

I thought that about a month ago.  now not so sure.

There's 0% chance that McCown will ever improve or be good.  While there are no guarantees for Glennon, his chances are significantly higher than McCown's.  This isn't a playoff team.  What does anyone gain by having McCown play over Glennon.  To me, this is a move that says 'Lovie fears he will get fired and he feels that McCown gives him the best chance to win'.  That move is reason enough to fire him.  It's obvious he has no clue what's going on when it comes to offense.

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