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Mike had a rough day I will admit. Every QB has those days now and then. There are still games left to be played. I will continue to support him. I'm not worried about any college QB half way through the season.

well......there's one. Me thinks we see McCown next week.

In your world that makes sense I'm sure. You would rather have the unknown instead of the known showing progression the rest of the season.

What we're getting is regression.


Let me clear this up a little. I was referring to progression the rest of the season rather than the unknown of how a college guy will play at the NFL level.

What's the over/under on progression? We have seen Glennon now for many games, some of which were very winnable, and under two different regimes. Have we really seen anything that would make you say "oh no, skip that potential franchise QB if he is there ... we're set at QB"?It's not like Glennon has not been given a chance. The table was set for him and he's fallen short ...and yesterday he fell short on his own, with the team arguably playing well enough to win. A good QB probably has 2 maybe 3 more TDs. We got overthrows, missed throws and interceptions often TO OPEN RECEIVERS.

Maybe he did fall short on his own today, but in at least 2 other games since he became the starter again Glennon did enough to win the game, and the D blew it for the team. I'm not ready to give up on Glennon until the season is over and the entire team has had the opportunity to maybe sort itself out. It is more than likely that today can be pinned on him playing badly, but it's not like any other QB has had a bad day. Those with a good team around them can still win, those without don't usually. Until the end of the season I am still hoping we get more wins and that Glennon can get better, if he doesn't then I may be persuaded that another option is needed, but with all the holes still on this team I don't think a QB is going to be the answer.

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