Post count: 3028 watching some of his vid now. I just don't see him fitting. Against Ohio this is.Analysis: Positives;: He is really good at shooting gaps. If an OL gets out of position he will run right through the hole to the QB .He is really good at locating the ball and has great awareness of where the ball is at all times, on both running and passing downs. In run defense he has the ability to run through the holes that are available to track down the ball carrier, while moving laterally and avoiding contact. He is fast once he gets moving a bit.Good tackler who does a good job of wrapping up. Negatives:Looks like a DLineman out in pass coverage. He loses track of the ball and that seems to throw him off when he focuses on the receiver instead of the ball. He lacks the ability to flip his hips and run in pass coverage and often looks out of position. Needs a lot of work in pass defense. He can get stymied trying to rush up the middle if there are no holes. Doesn't display a bull rush at all. While fast at top speed lacks initial quickness in pass coverage. He gets out-physicalled when a lineman gets his hands on him. Does not use his hands well to disengage blockers. Further analysis tells me that this kid has the potential to be one of the best 3-4 LB'S a few years down the road if he gets drafted into the right system. In the wrong system, like a 4-3 defense he would not be able to reach his potential. He does not have the strength to play 4-3 DE,  evidenced by his lack of a bull rush and lack of a consistent edge rush. . He would be hard pressed to beat an NFL LT.

I got to disagree with you man.  All your PROS and CONS point to him being a much better 4-3 DE than a 3-4 OLB.  Good at shooting gaps, locating the ball, and tackling.  Poor at pass coverage and lacks top end speed.  Why do you think that makes him a fit for a OLB?  Look at the tape from the UGA or Ohio St game and then tell me he doesnt have the strength to play DE.

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