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I'm sure we can scheme for a 10+ sack guy ....just get me the 10+ sack guy  .

Well let's  scheme some.  Where does he play? Not MLB and not WLB so in our base sets he is the SLB?  Not sure that is a really happy thought. Never like the idea that a team can take your best player out of the game just by formation.  So he has to play but he's gonna be bad at that job. If I see Mack at SLB I will go 2TE and eat him alive. Now to extend that, when we go nickel where is he?  Base defense says we leave MLB and one linebacker on the field. So now you are choosing between him and David and I think taking either one off the field isn't a good idea.  Do you drop him into a down spot on the line? Presumably you'd want him at RDE and then you flop AC to LDE if he can do that because of the palsy. I think Mack is a good player but to say give me players and not worry about your scheme is the exact opposite of how good teams like NE draft.

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