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The weight thing is so overblown. A DE at 250 pounds is fine as long as he stays in that range. Simeon Rice, John Abraham, Elvis Dumervil, Dwight Freeney, and Robert Mathis never weighed more than 260 and still held up as dominant edge rushers. I'm not worried about him being a run stuffing end, you can scheme around that by using stunts.

If he is 255 that is ok. He is 245 by most reports and while 255 can hold up it is sub-optimal. 245 is asking a lot. The problem isn't even so much the run defense in the pure sense but the fact that being asked to take on those OTs is gonna drain him and leave him unable to be explosive when we need it.

Yep, unless he’s another Strahan who played at 240-245, forget all about it.

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