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We aren't going to have a DE playing at 240 even if he is a converted 3-4 guy. We will bulk him up.

Danger there is that you do not know if at 15-20 lbs heavier he can carry the weight and keep his explosiveness.

Barr has the frame to carry it for sure .  He is tall and broad shouldered , but still thin....not so sure about Mack. Alot of his weight looks to come  from being ripped to the max already.[img][/img]khalil-mack-OOO_7938.jpgDailyBruin4-519x750.jpgUCLA_Barr_080713.jpgQuite the difference there.

Wow, I wish I would’ve thought about highlighting my 6 pack abs back in the day with eye black. He looks the part though..

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