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Again, you don’t just take “great” players. You take players who fit what you do. Ask NE if they are busy just taking any old guy or if they draft for system fit. Back in the day we weren’t taking big fat DT’s because they didn’t do what worked in this defense. The idea that we just stand Means up is silly. He's awful at that from what little film I've seen of him trying to do that. He has no feel for coverage and playing the run from a 43 LB spot is a lot different than what he is used to. Now, granted the old "2 down" thing is gone and the nickle is the base by and large but in many ways at his size that exposes him to a lot more abuse because now teams will run a lot more out of that nickle than they used to in the "old days" when it was really just a pass formation with draws as the run plays.I like the player and in a lot of way this is why a lot of teams run the 34 because finding that 240-250 lbs pass rusher is a lot easier than finding that 270+ guy who can move.

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