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The labels on defensive players are being viewed in too old fashioned of a way.

Could not have said it better. The smart coaches evaluate players for situational match ups.

I don't think anybody disagrees with those two statements. But you also draft players in the top 7 if they are just situational guys. If the Bucs don't think Mack can't cut it as a 4-3 end, we aren't taking him. It's that simple. If Mack were a Von Miller-level player that you build a defense around it would be different.Is he?

In all likelihood Mack won't be as good as Von Miller because Miller is simply as good as it's possible to be. And it's very possible at #7 overall the Bucs will have a shot at a player like Watkins or Robinson who project as very good players with well-defined conventional positions. But as for the thinking of not using high picks on situational players, almost every NFL game is decided by less than a touchdown. If you can get a player who can affect a situation that can produce one extra punt, fumble, or INT on a 3rd down which helps you win the game, I think he's worth it.

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