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You can say that about any player at any position. The question is about value. Do I want a guy who can play 60% of the snaps at 7 overall? Especially if I can get somebody like Dee Ford possibly with the second round pick?I want to point out that I'm not putting Khalil Mack down as only a situational player - I haven't figured it out yet.

1. Mack would likely be playing close to 100% of the snaps if he was playing SLB on running downs. 2. It's entirely arguable even if he were only playing 60% of the snaps, the 40% he isn't playing aren't very important. Who cares if a running back might get 7 yards on a play rather than 4? 3. It's certainly possible Dee Ford or someone else could do the same thing.

So we know what downs are important and will yank him from those that aren't? My problem with point 1 is that this is the Tampa Bay Bucs, not another team. Where have you seen Lovie or Leslie Frazier utilize a player like that? That's why I say if we are going to take Mack, it will be with the belief that he can handle the DE job.

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