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I still think the dead certainity that Mack can do the Von Miller thing is a bit presumptuous since, well really, no one else has done the Von Miller thing I'm not sure following an example of one is your best plan in the crapshoot of the draft,

Exactly. Mathews or Robinson would almost certainly be an upgrade for our o-line. Not a lot of risk there.Gilbert would upgrade our secondary and give us a great trio of CBs. Plus he would likely be one of the best return men in the league right away.Donald would be a huge upgrade over Spence and give us an immediate boost in pass rush right up the middle.Even Watkins, who I don't want, would step in immediately and be a huge difference maker on offense.With Barr and Mack, unless they are otherworldly like Von Miller.....they simply won't make a big difference for this club. On a 3-4 defense where they are lining up as an OLB, pinning back their ears, and speed rushing through and open gap all game....maybe they will have a huge impact. Not here though.

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