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I love how you just assume it's a given we are landing a guy like Jared Allen. LOLIf it happens , great , but it is certainly not a given .

Jared AllenGreg HardyMichael JohnsonMichael BennettRobert AyersJustin TuckJulius PeppersJason WorildsBrian OrakpoYeah...why would I think we would get a good free agent DE? Crazy me. It's not like there are a bunch of them or anything.This talk of taking Mack or Barr is no different than the infatuation with Jerry Hughes and Larry English. We wisely passed on both those guys even though the fans were clamouring for them, and we will pass on Mack and Barr too. 4-3 teams don't take 250lbs pass rushers in the first round very often for a reason. Especially not in the top 10.

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