Re: Re: Our chances of making the Playoffs and Superbowl?


My opinion...Playoffs = 50%SB = 5%I'll take those odds.I love our progress.

I'd love to be wrong, but imho, for 2016, we're finishing 3rd or 4th in the division. The schedule is just too brutal to expect anything more. Granted, this does not account for how the new FA's and Draft Class will factor into things, so I'm going to remain hopeful, and withhold future assessment for after we cut to the final 53.

I dont think the schedule is all that bad. We have the NFC West. Niners and Zona on the road. And Seahawks and Rams at home. Denver at home too, but who knows if they get that QB situation straightened out?

True. Denver's QB issue takes a bit away from them, but my concern there is Kubiak. Texas was crazy to get rid of him. Baltimore was fortunate to sign him, and he really showed what he can do when he went to Denver. After cutting Fox loose, I really didn't take Denver seriously. Kubiak and Wade Phillios made me very wrong. 🙂I'm not concerned about San Diego, but you always have to watch out for Andy Reid, and Oakland could be a dark horse. On the NFC side, Seattle will be he!!, but we should be able to handle SF. The question marks are Arizona and Los Angeles. (Love the sound of that. 🙂 )The Cardinalls will be tough, and the Rams, while not good, have owned us the past few years. I think we split Chicago and Dallas, but not sure how it plays out. Within the division, I'm not too concerned about New Orleans, but I think we drop two to Carolina. I'm still not sure about Atlanta. They're playing their old coaches. It could go either way. On one side, the staff knows some of the players. On the other, those players may want to bring s good game to play against they're old coaching team. I'll have a better opinion after the draft, and early team work outs, but for now I just honestly don't know yet.

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