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I remember when they wasted a pick on Charles Johnson.

I don't..... Johnson was considered by some NFL scouts to be a 1st or 2nd round pick and rated as high as the 3rd best defensive end in draft by some scouting services. DE also filled a need opposite JP that year. The Panthers also had several recently drafted /signed OL and WRs on the roster.

The same could be said about Ealy. I agree with Biggs, I remember Johnsons hype losing a little steam just before the draft and that pick having some doubters.Hardy is likely gone next year. Will be VERY difficult to afford him, just like Cincys situation this year when the well ran dry for Michael Johnson after they paid the rest of their DL. Cincy planned ahead by drafting that 2nd round DE in 2013 even though they appeared deep at the position at the time of the pick. There is a reasonable argument for Ealy being the BPA  on Carolinas board at the time, making waiting for (another) WR, or guard, possible. I think Carolina drafts better than any team in the division. I dont have research to back it up, just off memory. I would trust them

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