Re: Re: Pass Rush. Again. For the billionth time.


Boid, what about the possibility that the Bucs could look at the draft and believe that the best DE is a guy with a second round grade? Maybe they have Bosa rated in the top 5 but if he’s gone the next best guy may be rated at 30. Why should we pass on better players especially when we have lots of needs aside from DE? Then suppose we get lesser rated players….what if our biggest hole next year in CB but there are tons of impact DEs available? So then do we just draft all CBs since it’s our newest need?They need to get players that help this year but I see no reason to pass on players they see a great future there a Dion Sanders in this draft? Probably not. Less probable then that would be thinking we can force a Michael Strannah career by reaching on a DE that doesn't have the physical tools.

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