Re: Re: Pass Rush. Again. For the billionth time.


Agree with Boid. Our defense is worthless without pass rush. Gotta get to the Qb if the secondary is going to have any kind of success.

That three step drop, quick slant was killing us last year and perfectly highlights why the secondary factors into pass rush. Even if we had a tremendous D-line, you're probably not getting to a QB on a three step drop. Take it away and it's a completely different story. Now, the CBs have disrupted the timing and the QB must work through his progressions. This takes time, leading to greater possibility of your pass rushers getting to him. I don't understand how even a casual fan can't understand this. Drafting a CB or a DE will help the defense. It boils down to the quality of the defender available at 9. I think VH3 grades out higher than any DE after Bosa and Buckner.

Did you read the article about Verner and what he said our DB's responsibility was last year per Lovie Smith?.......

I did. Doesn't change anything with regards to the concept of how the play of a CB impacts the effectiveness of the DL. For the Bucs specifically, I'd much rather hear that our issues stemmed from scheme and not the skill of the player. This doesn't mean that we are set at the CB position. I highly doubt that Verner and Grimes will be Buccaneers in 2018.....chances are that Banks won't be either.

It does say that the DB's were specifically TOLD to not worry about the SLANTS!!!! That the LB'ers would be there to assist! So, they stayed on the Deep ball.But, due to our DLine not getting pressure....Our DB's out deep! Our LB'ers in their own coverages and rushes! The Slant was left alone! The scheme of course was flawed and the DB's were then pointed out as the culprit! When in fact it was everyone doing a Chinese fire drill on the field. get a pass rush! It lessens the time the QB has to decide what to do with the ball. And it allows your DB's to come up and play press and takes away the slant. And eventually the deep ball.I'm looking for a much more solid and overall Defense this year under Mike Smith and his ability of using players to the Best of their Abilities!

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