Re: Re: Pass Rush. Again. For the billionth time.


How did Trent Richardson pan out?  The list is enormous of "sure fire" players who flamed out. All of your opinions are simply that. Coupons. If any of you knew who would be a rock star, you'd be in the NFL working as a draft guru. Nobody knows crap until they hit the field running. Draft a defensive end. Period. That IS a major problem. And on game day, it will rear its head and everyone will rue passing on QB killers.Spare me your foresight. All I am saying is draft a defensive end. Three of them if need be. Can't keep up the years of no pass rush. It's a primary reason the Bucs suck.

The hit rate on players in the top 10 is just above 50%.  But reaching for a player to fill a need makes those odds much much worse.The Bucs need elite players at both DE and DB.  All the top defences have elite players at both positions.  Draft best player and maximize your odds of hitting.  Once you start reaching, you start missing more which means you have to reach more...A good GM isn't thinking about this year, he's thinking years ahead.  And again, that means BPA.

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