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I'd say that a better pass rusher will be at 39 vs the same corner at 39.Get the talent in the top ten.  Whichever position we don't get at 9, lean towards at 39 (or package some picks and move up to get that guy...Either way - pass rush is going to be addressed with a project.

Corner isn't a dire need.

Agree. Fans are underestimating Banks and Verner. Hell, Alterraun was in the frekin Pro Bowl a couple years ago. I think they both have bounce back seasons with a competent DC. And Miko's husband is a nice add, although for the short term. I would like to add Ramsey, but that aint happening. He will be long gone at #9.

True. Ramsey is a nice corner prospect and so is VH. But why screw around like that??!Dog chasing its own tail man. Not smart. Pass rushers need apply. And if there is value in round two for a DE, double down baby! Roll the dice!

Ramsey will play safety in the NFL.

Then still draft a DE. Quality safeties are easier to find than good pass rushers who make safeties look good more than vice versa.