Re: Re: Pass Rush. Again. For the billionth time.


When are the coaches going to see we have no pass rush from the front 4?  A consistently solid one?Draft a defensive end. Period. Corners will get roasted like rotisserie chickens out there if a QB has four seconds to stand back there and pick his target. Stop being silly and draft a defensive end. Bob Ayers is not the answer. His foot is in the edge of that cliff...and Gholston isn't going to be doubled. Bucs have GMac and that's it. And he gives up on plays because he is wore out from the constant doubles because the ends are "wave riders". No to a CB.

I think that's where just about everyone stands in a perfect world.  We're only talking VH3 or Stanley because there's a possibility there won't be a pass rusher worth the #9 pick when we get there.  If there's a guy we think is worth a top 15 pick there then maybe we pull the trigger.  It just depends on what their board looks like.  If they see Ogbah or Spence as 30 to 35 range players you can't take them at 9 just because you need a DE.  That's how the Chiefs ended up with Tyson Jackson. 

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