Re: Re: Pass Rush. Again. For the billionth time.


Are you gonna storm off again when the Bucs don't draft a DE with their first pick?Hope so. The mean board IQ shot up a good 10 points when you pitched a fit and bounced. Addition by subtraction. BTW,  Jameis sure looks like a bust, huh? And youre going to try and lecture people about football and what this team needs. Laughable.

Watched every game. Didn't post here. No need to when I was sick of watching Lovie ball. He should have been fired during the season for his stupidity and lack of evolution. I had nothing left but sheer frustration. Guys like Jack Rabbit Slim, Bradentonian and Dalbuc have all left because of Winston, or Schiano.  He's countersuing and they still haven't come back...well Slim came back so that's good. And the frustration level was high for me. No doubt I admit it. He played well. I lashed at the people who own this place, as well, so let's just assume that I was highly agitated at watching this team and sharing my opinion of a consistently bad team. Beats acting like Java...I could have trolled the hell out of this place. But didn't because I'm not a troll. A frustrated as fug fan? Yes. So I voluntarily kept quiet. It ain't over for Jameis yet...he could still bust. What if he comes out and throws 20 plus INTs?  He isn't out of the "bust free" zone, but I give the man a ton of credit. He had a great season. I am a fan. But again, he's still not free and clear of the Tampa one year wonder curse. So purse the lips old man, lest you jinx it. Now again, about your stupid crystal do you know who is going to be good or not? Oh yeah, your azz doesn't know. You're guessing so just stop with the deflection and tell me now again who will bust and be elite in this years draft since you know so damned much, HAYSEED. perfect name for an old bumpkin who thinks he knows it all...claiming this guy is a reach and that guy is elite without watching a single snap of them as a pro. You're a joke. Belly up and tell me who is going to be elite!  Just name me twenty guys in this draft that will be elite, and twenty that will be sheer busts, and if you are right, I'll never doubt you and you will no doubt be a multi-millionaire with your abilities. That's only forty guys out of roughly 250ish...easy for a draft guru legend like yourself who builds teams ass backwards. Draft a defensive end. Period!  What say you to that, HAYSEED?  A-hyuck!And what if I told you I went to three games at Tampa last year, spent all that money, to watch crap?'s called being frustrated as hell. So eat a bag of crap please. And Jameis is still my sig pic, so figure it out..."Bringin the swag back"...know what that means old man?

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