Re: Re: Pass Rush. Again. For the billionth time.


So, which DEs other than Bosa or Buckner would you take at #9? Spence? Nmdechie? If you're Jason Licht, are you willing to roll the dice with a top 10 pick on either of those guys? Dodd? Lawson? Ogbah? I think all of those guys are reaches and that you can get better value later in the draft. Why pass on an elite CB or OT prospect? Most of those guys I mentioned have late first to second round grades while guys like Stanley and Hargreaves are pretty much consensus top 10 picks. How can passing on guys like that be the best thing for the team?Thankfully, our GM won't do what you are suggesting. He'll do the right thing and then we get to watch you storm off again. Should be awesome. Win-win. Can't wait.

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