Re: Re: Pass Rush. Again. For the billionth time.


Where did JJ Watt get selected?You never know. Guys can flip a switch and take it to the next level. If JJ played in college like he has as a Pro, there would be dead offensive linemen everywhere. Take the best pass rusher available. VHIII is burnt toast without one, superior talent or not. That's a fact. Pass rush first. Or pass protection. We have the QB already. But don't pick secondary without being aware of the situation. VH will be ATV out there. A short CB getting roasted. Truth. Bosa may be a monster as a pro. Nobody knows. Roll the dice. It's not like they haven't bombed out in the first before. It will happen to someone this year as well. Draft pass rushers. Round 1, 2, and 3. Load up!Sick of watching crappy QBs handling their business against first stringers. Our first stringers. Because they suck!

you should check out JJ watt college tape again. it was so much better then anyone in this draft class. Well Besides Bosa hes legit, but after Bosa the game tape of anyone in this class is not nearly close to Watt in Wisconsin. Truthfully, after Bosa every DE prospect in this draft class would have been 2nd round prospects in JJ Watts draft class. Thats not an exaggeration.

Yet he was drafted rather you never know how guys will pan out. Nobody does. Period.

The 2011 draft class was nuts.  In the top half of the first round, there's exactly one non-QB who has failed to make a pro bowl.  Sure, sure - people weren't seeing Watt as an all-time great going into that draft.  But he was still an exceptional prospect.  If college-Watt came out this year, he'd certainly be a top-3 selection.  Probably first overall.

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