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I have Lawson and Ogbah high on my board. However speed is also a huge deficiency and Coleman could also fill that at 9. Would a Dodd still be there at 39? Correa? Do you like Nassib? Don't forget DT. But none of us have been involved in interviews and don't know how this will play out.

I'm leaning towards Ogbah if Ramsey, Bosa, Buckner, VH3, Stanley are off the board. Coleman is intriguing but I'd have a hard time passing on Ogbah in that situation.

Do you have Ogbah above Tunsil or were you just taking it as a given that he wouldn't be available?

Heck no. I don't see Tunsil being available AT ALL. I also see Wentz and Goff being picked before 9 as well. Throw in Jack and now we start looking at the four guys I mentioned above. I would do cartwheels if someone in the top 8 selects Treadwell.