Re: Re: Pass Rush. Again. For the billionth time.


Are you gonna storm off again when the Bucs don't draft a DE with their first pick?Hope so. The mean board IQ shot up a good 10 points when you pitched a fit and bounced. Addition by subtraction. BTW,  Jameis sure looks like a bust, huh? And youre going to try and lecture people about football and what this team needs. Laughable.

Draft a defensive end. Period!  What say you to that, HAYSEED?  A-hyuck!And what if I told you I went to three games at Tampa last year, spent all that money, to watch crap?'s called being frustrated as hell. So eat a bag of crap please. And Jameis is still my sig pic, so figure it out..."Bringin the swag back"...know what that means old man?

Who says they're not going to draft a DE? The premise that they should draft one at #9 regardless of who it is, is one of the most ridiculous things I've read on this board in a long time.....and we're talking Red Board here, son. Wow! How many times do the adults in the room need to tell you that it is about value? You talk about a cyrstal ball.....WHAT THE HELL DO YOU CALL A DRAFT BOARD? I guarantee you that Licht isn't walking into the War Room and telling the troops "guys, we're drafting a DE at 9 no matter what..." That's just stupid. It's something that a child would do. No wonder that's what you advocate. So read carefully. Grab an adult to assist you if need be. If Bosa and Buckner aren't there, you don't pass up on a guy like Hargreaves. were the one that stormed out after proclaiming Jameis would be bust. After one game. Again, that's what a child does. Not surprising that's what you do as well.

So by "value" we are talking about an item that you could pass on in hopes that the identical item will be there the next time you go shopping? Basically if the Bucs hold a player in the range of pick 1-38, then they should select that person. Because thats what I see as value. I won't hate the Bucs for selecting a player "rated" at 20 with the 9th selection. You can't. Trades take 2 to tango. There are no guarantees that you can drop back that far and still select the man you're targeting. BPA is a myth if you think about the age of the FAs we have signed.

Any GM with that mentality in a draft won't be a GM for very long.

That reminds me of that one GM that we had...uhm...Dominik I think his name was?? When he drafted for need in 2011 by drafting..who was it...uhm, DE's Clayborn and Bowers.  I hear they love him at ESPN tho.

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