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edge rusher is a need but not the only need. if you are a playoff team you can go into draft  focusing on filling your holes but if you are picking at the top you have holes all over.  you get better by taking the BPA(within reason). need factors in when comparing guys with similar grades.  There aren't any elite double-digit sack potential edge rushers in this class unless someone really exceeds expectations.  Even Bosa and Buckner who will go top one is comparing them to Freeney, Peppers, Allen, Aldon Smith, JPP types.  This draft has a bunch of 6-8 sack type dudes.  While there is value in that if they play the run well too why take one in the top ten if his grade doesn't warrant it?  Why pass on players at other positions with higher grades when we have multiple needs besides pass rusher? I still say draft a couple DEs and see if we can coach them up but don't reach for a guy early based soley on need an ignore other players who are better.  I take the best CB in the draft (VHIII) over reaching for Lawson, Dodd, Spence.