Re: Re: Pass Rush. Again. For the billionth time.


I agree with your sentiment that pass rushing DE is of dire need, and that fact has been ignored year after sh*tty yearBut you can't just wish a good DE into existence at  #9. Even though I'm the same camp as you that we HAVE to solve the DE drought, I'd rather take one in round 2 or 3 then throw away the #9 pick on a bad prospectThe JJ Watt argument is pretty weak. It's like saying every QB in round 6 has a legit chance at being Tom Brady

I was one of three that wanted Russell Wilson. Ironically, Java was one of the others. Nobody knows who will do what!  VHIII might bust regardless of what a Mayock or Hayseed says about him (good screen name btw!)...I don't see these prospects as being world beaters. But nobody said JJ Watt was going to perform miracles out there either. So draft a DE and pray for Watt! That's all I getting at folks. Corner isn't a big a need as pass rush. Point blank. Bucs will get another first rounder next year. Grimes will be teetering, that would be a better time. Shore up the trenches! Blast Cam Newton!

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