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I agree with your sentiment that pass rushing DE is of dire need, and that fact has been ignored year after sh*tty yearBut you can't just wish a good DE into existence at  #9. Even though I'm the same camp as you that we HAVE to solve the DE drought, I'd rather take one in round 2 or 3 then throw away the #9 pick on a bad prospectThe JJ Watt argument is pretty weak. It's like saying every QB in round 6 has a legit chance at being Tom Brady

Was not that long ago when they drafted Clayborne in the first and Bowers in the second. How did that work out for Dominick? If our beloved GM gambles on a prayer rather then using his draft board he will be selling pencils on the street corner in no time. There is no patience for botching a draft. Also as pointed out here by SR, most view Buckner as a DT  not a DE unless you run a 3-4.

If you utilize the linebackers to blitz more, Buckner would fit nicely. I digress. Dom did what he could to fix an area of need. I applaud him for that only. Bowers was rated as a #1 overall before the knee issues started tipping the flags. AC again was a sound prospect, but just didn't work out. Bowers had a horrible knee and terrible work ethic. Stuff happens. But you can't put your head in a hole and disregard need. We aren't the Patriots.