Re: Re: Pass Rush. Again. For the billionth time.


When are the coaches going to see we have no pass rush from the front 4?  A consistently solid one?Draft a defensive end. Period. Corners will get roasted like rotisserie chickens out there if a QB has four seconds to stand back there and pick his target. Stop being silly and draft a defensive end. Bob Ayers is not the answer. His foot is in the edge of that cliff...and Gholston isn't going to be doubled. Bucs have GMac and that's it. And he gives up on plays because he is wore out from the constant doubles because the ends are "wave riders". No to a CB.

I am with ya B-man. But I am not thrilled with the DE's in this draft. I don't see any Lawrence Taylors or JJ Watts.I am not sold on Bosa. Although I guess I would take a shot if he was there at #9.

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