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He might be done. He will be 33 next month, and is coming off a year plagued by injuries. A lot of football players don’t gradually decline. They fall off a cliff. If we sign Peanut it has to be on the cheap and it has to be a smart contract so we don’t get left with our **CENSORED** in our hand. Put it this way, his last contract averaged $6.1M per year which made him the 15th highest paid CB. I'd like him to be a Buc for the next few years, but not at that price. Looking at he top 50 average salaries of CBs, I'd say his next contract should average about $4.5M. That would keep him in the top 30 highest paid CBs, but just barely.....and at this point in his career he has to except that. Otherwise I would definitely pass. If I'm spending more than $5M on a CB in free agency, I'm getting a young stud like Verner or Shields.Even if I'm going with an older guy, I might look at Brandon Browner over Tillman. I know there is a connection there, but let's not overplay that. Gruden tried to bring all his old washed up old Raiders with him to Tampa and that did not go well. I'm just not so sure guys like Tillman and Hester are the right move.There are also some really good CBs in the draft. Justin Gilbert might end up being the BPA when we pick in the 1st round. Are we so comfortable with Banks that we pass on the best CB in the draft if he is also the best player available? Plus, Gilbert is an amazing returner. The kid is special and reminds me of a slightly less ripped Patrick Peterson. I think he has to be an option. Darqueze Dennard is pretty damn good too. If we did take one of those guys, a free agent CB like TIllman probably wouldn't even make sense.

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