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I think if Glennon is the guy - or if the Bucs are going to try and make Glennon the guy, they need someone like Watkins. Glennon may develop into it but right now he's not a guy who trusts his WRs to win. He needs them open in those short and intermediate areas where he's accurate and they can run after the catch.

I think you are way off on that.  I don't want my QB just "trusting guys to win".  That's what Freeman did.  Chuck Jumpers all day.  That is not a recipe for consistent success.  There needs to be some trust, but I want a guy who can see and hit open receivers.  I think that Glennon can do that.  We just need some WRs that actually get open.

Well, 'doc, that's really the point of why I think someone like Watkins is a good pick. But look - I wasn't really talking about chucking jumpers - he already does that it seems on designed shots.  I'm talking about anticipating throws, and taking advantage of mismatches.  When you have a player like V-Jax (or even sometimes Tim Wright or Mike Williams), there are going to be match-ups where he's open even when he's "covered" as long as Glennon makes the right throw (ball placement).  I believe the phrase is, "throwing them open."  What I'm saying is that Glennon isn't quite there yet, so a guy like Watkins who can separate right off the line would be a useful player for him.

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