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I’m sort of where you on the players bucjoe, but maybe not as rigid with the philosophy.I'd take Clowney, Watkins, Bridgewater, or Robinson with that pick. I'd probably take Mack or Matthews as well, on the theory that they are top 10 guy and sometimes you just are stuck (I like him a lot, am worried a bit about him and this D). Mack for me is a "trust Lovie and Frazier" pick. In other words, if they take him, I'm going to assume they know what they are doing.I'd be looking to trade down for everything else. That said, chances are pretty strong that one of those 4 (6 if you include Mack and Matthews) are there.  The problem with the "not worth the 7th pick" stuff is that it assumes more certainty about draft picks than are really there. That's why I'm not so rigid with it.

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