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I think I’m being mis-read somewhat.  I NEVER indicated that Watkins wasn’t worth the 7th pick.  I was discussing the ol and the dl ONLY in one part, and the QB position in the other.  I also am somewhat happier with Mack than I had been but I only saw him play one game and I really don’t like to draw conclusions until I have seen at least 3 games.  I am somewhat in the same boat about Bortles as I only saw his bowl game against Baylor.  Both Mack and Bortles looked great in their bowl games.There is no doubt in my mind that Clowney, Watkins, Robinson, Bridgewater and perhaps Mack, Bortles and Matthews are worth the 7th pick. One of them will be there with our pick.  If the Bucs get any of those guys, especially one of the first 4, I will be very happy.  If they settle for Mike Evans if all the others are gone, I won't be unhappy either.  He would be quite a consolation prize, IMO.

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