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It's the Seattle model... seems to work.

It's not that far off. Russel Wilson has thrown the ball less than any other starting QB this year and it's still more than he has thrown the ball in previous years. He averages about 25 attempts per game over his career. That's an insanely small amount. That's slightly over six passes per quarter of football. Drew Brees passes that in his first drive of every game. It's crazy how little he actually throws the ball.That being said, he is very efficient when he does throw it. He can hit guys for big gains and first downs in man coverage and buy time in a zone to let it break down. I don't care if you want to run the ball 50 times, you'll need to throw it at some point and you'll still need a QB who is a better passer than Terrell Pryor or Tim Tebow otherwise it won't work. 49ers should be doing the same thing with Colin Kap.

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