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Politicians will not step in to resolve the issue BP-1, not the Democrats nor the Republicans.  If ever there was a government in need of an enema it is the one we are currently stuck with.  Great design, crappy components.

agree generally, but would say "great concept, poor design, worse components"

What would you say makes it a poor design?

The counterbalance to representative democracy was the vote, but there are few tools as useless as a vote, unless aggregated. As a result, the government is run by career politicians (with terms, no less) beholding to large aggregated interests. It's government for the "squeaky wheel." The loser in the process is the "voter."Madison was right about factions, wrong about the impact representative democracy would have on them.

I would say an imperfect design, but hardly a poor design.  Just as Liberty requires a just and moral people as a whole, capable of self monitoring for it to function; our political structure requires a motivated and engaged public for it to function at its premium.  Freedom is not for the lazy, and far too many Americans have become exactly that.  I can not blame the structure of the game of football if the officials simply ignore their duties and refuse to enforce the rules that govern the game.  The rules and structure are sound, but the balance is lost when a body becomes too lazy to take their duties seriously or too easily bribed by pork funded by their own taxes.The system has not failed us, we have failed the system.

I like imperfect design better. That's a better description I also agree with you about Americans but not necessarily that citizens are to blame, at least not entirely. What purpose does a "representative" democracy serve if not to have representatives looking out for citizens? Fair point to says citizens are apathetic but query whether that is cause or result of imperfection?

The obvious beauty of a representative government is that if frees us from the tyranny of a unshackled democracy.  It works by allowing us to elect an "adult" in the room who serves the people not by giving us what a poll indicates a  majority of people want at that moment, but rather what is best for the people.  The electorate has the benefit of hindsight to judge the performance of the representatives based on how their actions affected their nation.Imperfection is not the cause if our apathy.  I would argue, if anything, that its success has caused the lion's share of it.  Our nation and her voters have grown quite fat and content from the fruits of success this experiment has reaped.  We are easily distracted, demand instant satisfaction, and are bought cheaply with no thought of tomorrow.