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But Escobar06 you are incorrect. Freeman and MRSA isn't why we want him fired. It's the losing. It's the schematic breakdowns. You can't have that at this level. We were becoming a laughingstock with all of this talent and terrible results. Chip Kelly destroyed Schiano schematically. It has happened in every game. We had 7 wins last year and added Revis and Goldson and now have 4 wins. ? Really?  This isn't the place for a head coach to learn on the fly. In the NFL the coaches make millions. We can't wait 10 years to see if he may develop into a great coach. Rutgers was his proving ground and he didn't really win much of anything outside of some insignificant bowl games and one great year with Sanu and Rice. A year in which they failed to win their conference. He was seemingly a great practice coach and good at developing players and possibly drafted pretty good if he was picking players. Nobody is saying he was 100 percent suck. But his game plan and his schemes are terrible. No amount of talent can overcome that.

Right, we added Goldson and Revis. And Freeman had a complete melt down, and we lost Doug Martin, and Mike Williams, and Carl Nicks, and Connor Barth. We lost many more players as well, what was it, 15 on IR when all was said and done?Revis admittedly wasn't healthy enough to consistently play man the first half of the season. Fans **CENSORED**ed about our schemes proving once again most don't know what they're talking about. Goldson missed time, our line played horribly, we had to rely on a rookie QB starting in week 4, we dealt with MRSA, we lost several games because of missed FG's etc. Your post just proves those who called for Schiano to be fired flat out ignored everything this team went through. You point to the additions without acknowledging we also lost many players. If we had a solid season it would have been one of the most remarkable coaching feats in franchise history, that's what Schiano was up against whether you want to admit it or not.

True we had injuries just like all teams do. Martin was replaced. Wright replaced Mike Williams pretty well. How did we lose Nicks? He never played more than a few games. I thought that replacing the injured players was one of the few things Schiano has done well. You seem to be cherry picking what you want to discuss but really the fact that the defense,  Schiano's own defense is fatally flawed is inescapable. I have seen enough of the all 22 slowed down and have seen enough to say that this coach is not good with his current schemes. If you can explain to me how Schiano was going to overcome that I am willing to listen. Tell me how he was going to come back next year with a plan to out scheme Chip Kelly.

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