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Freeman did not wreck the first quarter of the season. Losing at NY, when we had the lead with 38 seconds left, wasn't his fault. Having a td pass called back, due to a penalty versus the Saints wasn't his fault. And missing a field goal and giving up a game winning drive inside the 1 minute mark wasn't on him either.  So his play was good enough to win two of 3 games. And I think we beat Arizona if he is the starter in the 4th week. Coaching decisions determined our failure more than Freeman did. But he provided a nice cover to the casual observer. Kudos to the Glazers for seeing through the smokescreen.

This whole we had the lead so it's the defenses fault thing is a massive misdirection attempt.Sure we had the lead but it damn sure wasn't due to Josh and the offense, When you average 1 TD a game on offense it's laughable to put the blame on the D.Maybe if Josh had done his job rather than going out partying his performance would have been better and we would have put those teams away earlier rather than hoping to cling on to a small lead.I mean the D held those first 3 teams to 18, 16 & 23 points, what was the D meant to do, score a shutout and get a defensive TD to make sure we won?Hell the only reason we had a lead in that Saints game was because the D went out and got it on Fosters pick 6. At some point the offense is accountable for their lack of production no matter who was on the field when the last lead change of the game happens.When that offense is run by a guy who complete just 45.7% of his passes and has a QB rating of 59.3 it's fair to say that QB is a massive part of the issue.Freemans play stank and wasn't good enough to win any of those games.

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