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Dude, let the Freeman stuff go. I was one of the biggest Freepologists and defended him longer than almost anyone. It's obvious the guy isn't what he used to be and is a bad QB now. We may have had a chance to win 2 of those first 3 games, but it wasn't because of Freeman. He looked awful in every game he played this season and definitely needed to go.

Sorry, I didn't bring him up. Frankly, the garbage that he cost us the first quarter of the season is absurd. Everyone on here saw our #1 offense stink it up in the preseason. We also saw the early camp reports of how Freeman was lighting it up. This coaching staff said, the first unit was okay and gave plenty of reps to back ups. So the season starts and the offense has no rhythm. We have a shot at winning two games with Freeman at QB, in spite of the S#!* storm that just got fired. So excuse me for calling BS, when it is in fact, just that! And we'll see what Freeman has in the future.

Freeman sucked sucks.


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