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Good thread. I don’t agree with the OP, but I give sparky and delta credit for going against the majority.If I might address Milton's point, however: the Bucs may have been ahead when Freeman left the field, but there is no doubt that he left a lot of points on the board. Are you going to absolve him from blame when he gave Lindell a long FG attempt in the rain? And the only reason the Bucs were ahead in the first place was Foster's long INT return for a TD, nothing Freeman did on offense. As for the Jets game, he lost that when he threw a pick when we were up 9 and had a chance to put the game away.Schiano did a lot of good things. But in the end, a lack of a clue in terms of playcalling, the odd rushing the huddle thing, lack of real improvement on the field doomed him. No way, even with Freeman around for three games, we should have gone 4-12. No wins vs. winning teams. That's not rash; that's the rules of the game.

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