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Schiano's coaching ability at the NFL level or leadership was/is questionable.  With the talent we have we left alot on the table but coaching held us back.  There is a years worth of proof to support this.  A rash decision is not an accurate portrayal of what took place.

Yes, because Josh F***ing Freeman was a future Hall of Famer. That clown single-handedly ruined this season, and cost Schiano his job.

He hasn't even been on the team for months.  Will the excuses never end?

He was part of the team long enough to cost us 6 games, many which were handly winnable.

This is perhaps the saddest commentary on the Schiano regime. Not just Freeman, but how he handled people undermines every positive he brought to the table. The situation we watched unfold this year was his orchestration. He found a way to convince some of you that a guy who had the most to gain from winning, screwed the team. So much so, that even after he left, it remained his fault. He did not throw two pics at the end of the Cardinals game. (Pretty sure we win that with him under center.) He wasn't there for the bye week, nor the Philly game. And you think somehow his specter influenced the outcome of the Falcons game. You would have fit right in with the juries of the Salem Witch trials. No witches and no Josh Freeman at fault after his benching. The Glazers know that this whole season falls at the feet of Greg Schiano. Unlike some of you, they also know that with Freeman under center we win eight games or more. The way he handled the starting QB sent a message to the entire team. To wit: "I am king and I will crush any of you, just because I want to."  If you don't believe that, go look at his record at Rutgers. As players, we know we're dog meat, but when a coach overtly handles you that way it kills the drive to be excellent. Shout out to the Glazers for doing the right thing, even though it's at least 14 weeks too late.