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Schiano had some very good qualities as a coach.  His eye for talent was excellent.  The problem is he lacked some very important qualities too.  He was the complete 180 of Raheem.  Raheem also had some very good qualities, but like Schiano he lacked some very important qualities.  As funny as it sounds Raheem and Schiano were 2 halves of a very good coach.  Heres to hoping the next guy is somewhere in the middle.OP I see where you're coming from in that Schiano had to deal with some crap that would have hurt any coach.  The problem is that some of his shortcomings had nothing to do with the situation.  Even a scrub does what his coach tells him to do.  There is a big difference between a guy standing in the right spot and getting beat vs a guy being told to stand in the wrong spot and never having a chance.  I may be overly simplifying it, but you get the idea.  There is a reason the Atlanta coaching staff is in no danger despite an awful season.

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