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IMO, the Glazers jumped the gun on this one. The last two drafts are definitely in the top five in franchise history. The defense is just a player or two away from being back in the top ten. They were among the best in the league at takeaways this year, and led the league in run defense after being the worst in 2011. Any coach that can get the ninth ranked offense with a reluctant Josh Freeman at QB, deserves more than he got here. It's a real shame Schiano won't get the chance to correct the offense with a healthy roster and a second year QB. So now the Glazers will bring in some reject from another program who will have no clue who is worth keeping. I'm not mad and I'm not bailing on the team, but I am sad. The two people most responsible for the really great talent on this roster are gone. The plan they had is out the window, and the new GM and HC will take a year or two to figure out what they have here. The Bucs will lose some of that talent in the process. For some, the solution is simple. All we need to do is sign a HC who is superior to the other three HCs in the division, and then draft a QB who is better than Drew Brees, Fig Newton, and Matt Ryan. Good luck with that, and the time it's going to take for the new guys to learn about the division. Good luck with that.I hope the new guys turn things around right away. I just don't see it as realistic. When you blow things up, it takes awhile to get everyone on the same page.I detest Josh Freeman. He crapped in the punchbowl on purpose IMO.

They could not sell this clusterfukk to the fanbase anymore....bottom line.

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