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Bwahahahahaha @ the delusions of the OP

lol. "Delusions", is putting it lightly...

Greg Schiano is the key to the Bucs winning league championships. It will happen. He is notable for getting college players NFL ready. Now he actually has NFL players to start with. I believe he will become our Tom Landry, Don Shula, or Bill Walsh. We've never had a HC that was HOF worthy whose career started and ended with the Bucs. All I can say is thank you Chip Kelly.

Yes, thanks Chip Kelly....

Schiano has everything any HC would need to win at any level. He only lacks experience in the NFL but he has surrounded himself with people who do. He has the leadership skills to make it work. He fielded the highest scoring offense in franchise history in his first year as HC. He and Freeman will improve on that in 2013. 2012 will be the last losing season the Bucs will have with Schiano running the team. Schiano will be our Shula or Landry. It took the Steelers 40 years to win respect and a league title, and that was in a much smaller league. The Bucs have finally struck gold at HC.

Gold!...I tell ya!