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Escobar a Schiano apologist? Get out of town! I wonder if continuity was important to Escobar when Raheem Morris went 4-12? You're so utterly transparent it's laughable.

Shocking, you attempt to bring race into it again. Liberals, always good for a chuckle. The key difference is that Raheem's squad gave up on him completely and proceeded to get blown out each week. It's why I've said several times it's no small detail that in such an up and down season Schiano had our guys playing hard each and every game. That's the absolute last thing you could say about our team under Raheem during his final season. But if you'd like to ignore that key detail, and instead resort to focusing on race have at it. You think I'm a racist because you want me to be a racist, that's how liberals work. Want to bitch about something? Just make that something up. Literally every single problem in America can be traced right back to liberals, you're a flawless example of that.

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