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I agree with the premise of this thread. We've got young guys like McCoy who are going on their 3rd coach already, that's a sign of a poorly run franchise. Most of our fans act like spoiled brats, they cry and whine if everything doesn't go exactly how they want 100 percent of the time. It appears the Glazers continue to let that factor into their decision making, and where has that gotten us? Exactly. Continuity can go a long way, unfortunately the Glazers aren't aware of that.

This wasn't a rash decision at all.  And if you watched the games this year I honestly can't see how in the high holy hell you couldn't see that Schiano was in over his head.  This has been coming for a while.

Instant gratification is what this is about. Nobody wanted to give an inexperienced guy time to learn. He had flaws, obviously, but there were clear signs he was working on them and attempting to be a better coach. You get better with experience, but experience is the last thing some of our fans wanted him to gain because they wanted to be "right" about him. I have no doubt many of our fans were terrified at the thought of him coaching next season, not because they were afraid he'd fail, they were afraid he'd succeed. When you have a guy who seemingly has the respect of his players, has his guys playing hard even through a rough season, and shows he's trying to improve in some of his weaker should give that guy time. Had we been getting blown out each week like we were under Raheem, that would be another story. I just hope the next guy works out, we're most likely going to have a slew of new assistants, a new QB, and possibly a new offense and defensive system. That's multiple prime years of some of our better players down the drain if the change doesn't work out.

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