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So every coach that struggles at the start of their career will always struggle and never get better? Cool. I'll jot that down.

Should the 49ers have stuck with Singletary?  Where the indulging a whiny fanbase who only cared about instant gratification when they moved on from him?  Would they be better off had they given him more time to learn?  Did they suffer for their lack of continuity?

Couldn't tell you, I don't follow the 49ers. Not all situations are the same. Winning is important, but if we aren't winning I at least want to see effort, and I did this season. Under Raheem we showed no effort which is why he had to go. Schiano coached in college a long time, it's clear he needed to adapt to the pro game in terms of how he interacted with his football players, and there were signs (as PR pointed out more than once) that he was doing just that. Before the Glazers settle on our next coach I hope they fully prepare for everything that particular person is going to bring to the team. With Schiano, it's clear they didn't anticipate a disciplinarian dealing with kids all day needing time to acclimate to the pro game. They were wrong, and that's on them.

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