Re: Re: Raymond James Stadium future


Yeah to be clear I don’t think they need a new stadium – I’m just wondering when we’re going to start hearing that talk. From the renderings of what they are doing with that $100-million, I honestly don’t get where the money is going. My big point was that the Lightning have took a 20-year old building, in new arenas and stadium money they didn’t spend an insane amount and yet they have something that is absolutely top notch.With RayJay they have a great base, a stadium that used to be a world class facility, it just isn't that anymore. Go to a Lightning game then head over to RJ, there is a huge difference. If you go back 10 years and did the same thing, you'd absolutely think RJ was a top flight facility.So anyways I'm just saying get the people that did the Ice Palace and say "do that" to Raymond James. If it costs say $300-million over the next 7-8 years and they can bring it back up to being a world class stadium, the city and the team should figure out how to make that work. Let's be honest, not having a top notch stadium is the reason the Super Bowl isn't coming back to town anytime soon and while they got the NC game after promising some big upgrades, personally I'm hoping these upgrades are just step 1 in a multi-year process of making sure we have a top notch place for another 20 years.

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