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I can't remember the name of the guy (fellow Red Boarder) right now but during the lead-up to the draft, he was adamant that Sammy Watkins would bust because his lack of height. Referred to him as a "midget" lol

It was GoldsonAges.  Which kind of says it all.

Who is also 10lbrodstoastedbass

Really? I didn't know that.

You still don't. But, hell, you were even willing to believe that I was 10lbbass. Stop being so damned gullible. Buccaneer4ever's field of expertise is musical theatre. So unless your question is about how to hit a falsetto, or how to best frame your package when dancing in tights, you should probably look for another source.

Yeah, his screen name has nothing to do with Tampa Bay Buc fandom,  Buccaneer4ever had the lead in the Priates of Penzance..........

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