Re: Re: Report: Bucs have discussed extending Glennon


If they could sign him for $6 million per year that would be brilliant. It would be much easier to trade him. I am pretty sure the talke consisted of Licht saying we will give Mike $6 million per year and Mike's agent laughing out loud. End of discussion.If Glennon is waiting to get his shot at starting he is not going to sign that deal. He could get nearly twice that if he hit free agency. If he hits free agency he could get 4 years $40 million with $20 million guaranteed or somewhere around there. That's my best guess.

GA,If he is worth that on the FA market, why isn't he worth a first round draft choice?  I keep hearing many say that they would take a 2nd round draft choice or a 3rd round draft choice for him....

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